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Maasais Without Boundaries - The Quest of Pastoralist People

Language: English

Historically, the Maasai are a pastoralist nomadic people from Kenya. The Maasai, like other pastoralists all over Africa, have lived for centuries earning their livelihood from herding livestock, cows, goat and sheep, roaming over hundreds of kilometers in search of water and grazing land for their cattle.
This documentary illustrates the Maasai's fight to preserve their culture from the pressures of modern society, as well as recurrent droughts.

Topics and Tags
Place/region: Kenya, Africa
Type: Documentary
Production and personalities:
Director: Giulio D'Ercole, Joseph Njalis Shuel
Publisher: ICT4ID Cross-Cutting Theme Team
Published in:

Original: DVD
Location: F-H.129
UMVS reference: AUD-DIT/ISS/ARC/0763
Rights holder: UNESCO