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Communication and Information

Subject: HIV and AIDS
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Turkish prisoner

Language: Pусский subtitles Eng

Ms Nazima is 20 year old. When she was young, she managed to see a lot. She traveled to Turkey, worked, learned what is betrayal, humiliation and HIV.

This movie was produced during the Central Asian training on a critical analysis of coverage of topics of HIV and AIDS on television (6-10 June 2011, in KIMEP) and within UNESCO Cluster Office's project "Central Asian Network for young television producers and support of key populations".

This training contributed to the implementation of the UNESCO strategy for journalists in the HIV and AIDS media coverage. The production obtained the support of KIMEP (Kazakhstan), OTRK (Kyrgyzstan) and UNESCO Office in Almaty.

Topics and Tags
Place/region: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Asia
Type: Documentary
Production and personalities:
Director: Nafisa Abdurakhmanova
Publisher: TV channel Echo Valley; Andijan; Uzbekistan.
Sponsor: UNESCO Almaty
Published in:
Rights: UNESCO

Original: Video.MOV
Location: EV only
UMAS reference: AVFONDS-CIINF-0050
Rights holder: Network of Young TV Producers; UNESCO