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Samuel Pisar. Special Envoy for Holocaust Education. ©UNESCO TV 2012
Samuel Pisar. Special Envoy for Holocaust Education

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Dr Samel Pisar was named Special envoy for Holocaust Education by UNESCO Director-General on 27 January 2012. In his new role, Mr. Pisar will reflect on his commitment to the idea that "the Holocaust, attacked by incendiary demagogues as a ‘myth', is an all too real warning for mankind of possible horrors yet to come. For it has revealed, as have more recent genocides and ethnic cleansings, that humans are still capable of the worst as well as of the best, of hatred as well as of love, of madness as well as of genius, and that the unthinkable remains possible. Unless we espouse, through remembrance and education, the core universal values embedded in all great creeds - spiritual and secular - the forces of darkness may return with a vengeance to haunt us again"

on this subject: Education for Holocaust Remembrance

Place/region United States of America
Series: Great Minds Speak at UNESCO
Type: Interview
Authors and personalities: Neil Ford, interviewer. Samuel Pisar, interviewee.
Production: UNESCO TV, producer.
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