Culture of peace

Preparing the Future: the UNESCO Associated Schools project. ©UNESCO 1986
Preparing the Future: the UNESCO Associated Schools project

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Personal expression and ancestral cultural heritage are the two pillars of UNESCO-associated schools. Their goal is to engage children and youth in peace building by developing the following basic elements: creativity, imagination, mutual respect, objectivity, compassion, knowledge of others, feeling equality, tolerance, and the ability to communicate. Various experiences in eight different countries give us some keys as to how to use them.

Place/region: Argentina, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Senegal, Thailand, Tunisia, Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe
Type: Documentary
Authors and personalities: Pantelei Zsankov, director. Michael Walsh, participant.
Production: Vreme Documentary Film Studios, Bulgaria, producer. Svetla Dimitrova, producer ; Tatiana Lemee, producer ; Bono Bonev, producer.UNESCO, sponsor.
Published in:
Rights: Vreme Documentary Film Studios, Bulgaria

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