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UNESCO/CNN World Report N° 4 to 7. ©UNESCO 1991
UNESCO/CNN World Report N° 4 to 7

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CNN World Report

CNN World Reports No 4, on Man and Biosphere programme, was produced on occasion of the celebrations of the International Earth Day, 22 April 1991

World Report No.5 is about UNESCO's Director-General visit to Chernobyl disaster site with French designer Pierre Cardin and German television actor Witta Pohl

Report No. 6 is about the International Literacy Day prizes ceremony.
Finally, report No.7 is about the International Forum on Culture and Democracy, held in Prague on 4 September 1991

Place/region Chernobyl, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Venezuela, Eastern Europe, Latin America
Type: Video report
Authors and personalities: Pierre Cardin, participant ; Witta Pohl, participant ; Federico Mayor, participant.
Production: CNN, producer ; UNESCO TV, producer.
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