Intangible heritage

Safeguarding the Carillon Culture: preservation, transmission, exchange and awareness-raising. ©UNESCO 1970
Safeguarding the Carillon Culture: preservation, transmission, exchange and awareness-raising

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Summary/Historical Context

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The art of making music with bells (carillon) is traditionally performed during market and festive days. The programme aims to safeguard carillon culture and preserve the components of historic carillon culture, including the repertoire and instruments, and to ensure the continuity and sustainable development of carillon music. Revitalization efforts include competitions to encourage new arrangements, compositions and genres of music. The programme combines respect for tradition with a willingness to innovate, constantly seeking new ways to safeguard carillon culture in contemporary society.

on this subject: Nomination file /Dossier de candidature

Place/region Belgium, Europe
Series: 2014 Inscriptions on the Best safeguarding practices List
Type: Documentary
Authors and personalities: Maurice Davoine, director.
Rights/Droits: Luc Rombouts

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