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Bigwala, Gourd Trumpet Music and Dance of the Busoga Kingdom in Uganda

Language: English

Bigwala music and dance is a cultural practice of the Basoga people of Uganda, performed during royal celebrations such as coronations and funerals and, in recent decades, on social occasions. Bigwala describes a set of five or more monotone gourd trumpets blown in hocket to produce a melody, accompanied by a specific dance. A typical performance begins with one trumpet; other trumpets then join in followed by drummers, singers and dancers in that order.

The singers and dancers move in a circular formation around the five drummers, swaying their waists gently and raising their hands with excitement in time with the music and rhythms. Women spectators ululate as the performance nears its climax

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Place/region: Uganda, Africa
Series: 2012 Inscriptions on the Urgent Safeguarding List
Type: Documentary
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