Cultural diversity

GigaPan Conversations: Diversity and Inclusion in the Community. Pilot Project
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GigaPan Conversations: Diversity and Inclusion in the Community. Pilot Project

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Summary/Historical Context

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The GigaPan Conversations project seeks to promote empathy and understanding between cultures and create a greater sense of global community through curriculum innovations and students's classroom practices that involve the exchange of explorable, high-resolution digital imagery. The technology, inspired by NASA's Mars Rover Project, serves as a platform for learners to broaden their understanding of culture.
This documentary features students from South Africa who, along with students from the United States and Trinidad and Tobago, took part in a pilot programme where they made high-resolution panoramas of events and places of importance in their communities.

Type: Documentary
Credits: Bruno Gex, director. International Bureau of Education, producer ; Carnegie Mellon, producer. Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation, co-producer ; Pittsburgh Foundation, co-producer ; Google, co-producer.
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Rights/Droits: UNESCO IBE

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