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Climate Change Adaptation: Traditional Knowledge of Indigenous Peoples Inhabiting the Arctic and Far North. ©UNSCO-IITE 2014
Climate Change Adaptation: Traditional Knowledge of Indigenous Peoples Inhabiting the Arctic and Far North

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Summary/Historical Context

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The expression — “harsh Arctic or harsh Polar conditions” — did not come about by chance, as it is truly extremely cold in the Arctic. On the Taimyr Peninsula, for instance, winter lasts for almost nine months, and the air temperature can go down below -50°C. Neither the short summer is really comfortable: the medium temperature in July is +2°C, and on the southern side of the Peninsula only a little above +10°C. The coldest point of the northern hemisphere is located in the village of Oimyakon on the Indigirka River. An almost one hundred and five degree temperature difference, the biggest in Eurasia, was recorded here: from -67.7°C in winter to +37°C in summer.

This DVD has been developed by the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education (UNESCO IITE) within a project “A Networked System of Open Indigenous Knowledge Resources for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Polar Regions” funded by the UNESCO Intersectoral Platform “UNESCO's contribution to climate change mitigation and adaptation”. It contains multimedia modules with interdisciplinary complex of indigenous knowledge related to mitigation and adaptation to environmental changes in the regions that have similar climate and face similar environmental problems in the Far North of Russia.

- Indigenous Peoples of the North: Traditional Culture and Knowledge for the Environment
- Kamchatka Fishermen, Hunters and Herders
- Tundra Reindeer Herders
- Hunters and Herders of Eastern Siberia
- Marine Hunters of Chukotka
- Hunters of West Siberian Taiga

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on this subject: Climate Change Adaptation (full, downloadable web version)

Place/region Russian Federation, Asia and the Pacific
Type: Ethnographic
Extract: 2 min.
Production: UNESCO IITE, producer. UNESCO's contribution to climate change mitigation and adaptation, sponsor.
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Library catalogue (UNESDOC): 231951

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