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Fichee-Chambalaalla: Sidama Nation New Year Festival in Ethiopia. ©UNESCO 2014
Fichee-Chambalaalla: Sidama Nation New Year Festival in Ethiopia

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Fichee-Chambalaalla is a New Year festival celebrated by the Sidama people. It is named after a woman who every year would bring her relatives a dish to share with the neighbours. Nowadays, children visit their neighbours who serve them the dish ''buurisame'', made with false banana. The festival includes other communal events, concluding with clan leaders reminding the community about virtues like working hard. Transmitted by families and participation in the festival, the practice encourages peaceful co-existence and good governance.

on this subject: Nomination file / Dossier de candidature

Place/region: Ethiopia, Africa
Series: 2015 inscriptions on the Representative List
Type: Documentary
Authors and personalities: Gezahegne Girma, director. Fitsum Getachew, participant.
Production: Negat Film, Video and Photo Production PLC, producer.
Published in:
Rights: Ehiopia. Authority for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage (ARCCH)

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