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The UNESCO Radio Review, no. 12: World Population. ©envirosci.netCopyright: ©1974

The UNESCO Radio Review, no. 12: World Population

(Audio recording)

Language: English

Back in the 1970s, the world had two additional mouths to feed every second. Every day there were 200,000 more births than deaths. That was the equivalent of a fair sized town every day. 6 million every month. 74 million in one year.
Could the population problem be solved?
This programme explores the answers

Topics and Tags
Series: INA-UNESCO collection
Type: Radio programme
Production and personalities:
Author: Philip Gaunt
Participant: Paul Ehrlich
Publisher: UNESCO Radio
Producer: Bertil Mathsson
Published in:
Library catalogue (UNESDOC): 243125

Original: Reel-to-reel audio tape
Location: F-S.314
UMVS reference: STV15119
File No: AVFONDS-INA-15119.WAV
Source ref.: PI/R/1030
Studio TV ref.: RAD/15119
Rights holder: UNESCO