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Earth's Spring: For Global Solidarity

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This series Earth's Spring reveals how people and communities all over the world, from Canada to Africa, are learning to live in harmony with the natural environment, and with each other. Here is the Programme 4. We could perhaps transform our world if we spoke not of global economy, but of global solidarity. This film traces the experiences of two villages in Mali and two rural communities in Quebec who, through internships in each other's villages, later twinned bear witness to the advantages for both of North-South cooperation to promote global solidarity.

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Place/region: Quebec, Canada, Mali, North America, Africa
Series: Earth's Spring
Type: Documentary
Extract: 5 min. Total length:
Production and personalities:
Director: Catherine Viau, Daniel Bertolino
Participant: Jean Robitaille, Marcel Lafleur
Publisher: Le Groupe Via Le Monde, Canada Sponsor: Centrale d'enseignement du Quebec; Environment Canada; Canadian International Development Agency; Canadian Centre for International Studies and Cooperation
Rights: Le Groupe Via Le Monde

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