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Melody for Peace: Rossini, L'Italiana in Algeri. But not only...

Language: Plurilingual

A multicultural concert with classical orchestras and musical instruments from around the world with Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, at UNESCO headquarters and the Orchestra of St Luke's at the Avery Fisher Hall, in New York. The orchestras were conducted by Igor Vlajnic and Robert Boudarham.


- Serguei Rachmaninov, Prelude C-sharp minor
- Johan Sebstian, Concerto for Two Violins Bach
- Antony Paul de Ritis, Melody for Peace -new composition
- Giacchino Rossini, L'Italiana in Algeri (Excerpts)

Chee Yun, Quo Gan, Ino Mirkovic, Laura Vlasak Nolen, Boris Trajanov, Patrice Berger, John Bellemer, Angelika de la Riva, Manon Strauss Evrard,Min Xiao-Fen, Carlos Damas, Ismail Isik, Gao Hong, Yakouba Sisseko, Mucahit Isik, Panahi, Sarwar Hussein, Dragan Dautovsky, Shyamal Maitra, Serguei Markarov, Andrea Sanke, Ian William, Brace Negron

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Original: DVD
Location: F-H.129
UMVS reference: AUD-KMI/KSA/1296
Rights holder: Melody for Dialogue Among Civilizations Association (MDACA)