Cultural diversity

Education and Cultures: The African Path. ©UNESCO 2009
Education and Cultures: The African Path

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Summary/Historical Context

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Access to quality education is a right. It is essential to human development, fulfillment and life. Culture is one of the fundamental conditions required for enjoying this right. No education can occur outside of culture. Promoting education through culture - and the reverse - is a defining factor of sustainable development This is a founding conviction of UNESCO which the African Union, in the process of regional integration, has made a principle. May the world seize the opportunity suggested in this example

This documentary is part of the DVD Cultures and developments. Exhibition organized on the occasion of the 35th General Conference, 5-23 October 2009 (available here)

Place/region Various countries, Africa
Type: Documentary
Authors and personalities: Laurent Matterie, director.
Production: UNESCO Culture Sector, sponsor.
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