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El Carnaval de El Callao

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El Callao
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The Carnival of El Callao, practised in communities of Venezuela, is associated with emancipation celebrations in French-speaking islands of the Caribbean. Running from January to March, it features parades of people dressed as characters from history and fantasy, music, dancing and concerts throughout town streets with up to 3,000 people participating. The carnival highlights Callaoense history, reinforces its cultural identity, promotes unity and encourages younger generations to discover their heritage. Transmission occurs mainly within families and schools run by bearers.

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Lugar/región: Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of), Latin America, Caribbean
Series: 2016 inscriptions on the Representative List
Tipo: Documentary
Producción y personalidades:
Director: Victor Pérez, Benito Irady
Publisher: Centro de la Diversidad Cultural, Venezuela
Producer: Benito Irady
Publicado en:
Derechos: Centro de la Diversidad Cultural, Venezuela

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