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UNESCO/CNN World Report N° 8 to 22. ©UNESCO 1992
UNESCO/CNN World Report N° 8 to 22

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UNESCO General Conferences
CNN World Report

This element contains the following UNESCO/CNN reports:

No.8: From the Past to the Present; preserving nature and traditions in France, a report produced on occasion of the World Decade for Cultural Development
No.9: Lithuanian Orchestra gives Chernobyl benefit concert
No.10: UNESCO Peace Prize ceremony
No.11: François Mitterrand at UNESCO's 26th General Conference
No.12: Esther Peter Davis: environmental pioneer
No.13; UNESCO Founder Comes Home
No.14: UNESCO General Conference appeal to Yugoslavia
No.15: Finals of the French Language Championship
No.16; Off the Road through Central Asia - 60 years after
No.17: $150.000 for 15 young people engaged in grassroots action for development
No.18: Prix Félix Houphouet-Boigny 91
No.19: Tambours du Japon
No.20: Montserrat Caballe
No.21: Cancer, sida et société
No.22: UNESCO International Ocanographic Commission (IOC)

Place/region Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, UNESCO HQ
Type: Video report
Authors and personalities: Francois Mitterrand, participant ; Lithuanian Orchestra, participant ; Esther Peter Davis, participant ; William G. Carr, participant ; André Sauvage, participant ; Nelson Mandela, participant ; Frederik De Klerk, participant ; Montserrat Caballe, participant ; Jacques Cousteau, participant.
Production: CNN, producer ; UNESCO TV, producer.
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