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Women in Politics: Adrienne Clarkson. ©UNESCO 2017
Women in Politics: Adrienne Clarkson

Language: Multilingual

UNESCO HQ, 30 June 2017
Soft Power Conference

This panel will look at the fact that women are still severely underrepresented in political leadership worldwide. A global commitment at the highest political level is needed to improve this situation. Political participation and leadership of women worldwide is not only a goal in itself, it is also a necessary precondition for the promotion of gender transformative policies and the achievement of gender equality in all other spheres of life. UNESCO calls upon its partners and distinguished speakers to initiate a debate that can break new ground for the promotion of women in political leadership.

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Place/region: Canada, UNESCO HQ
Type: Round table
Production and personalities:
Moderator: Eleonora Mitrofanova
Panellist: Adrienne Clarkson
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Rights: CC-BY-SA

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