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Heritage of Dede Qorqud/Korkyt Ata/Dede Korkut, Epic Culture and Music. ©Alexey Kamensky, Kazakhstan, 2017 2017
Heritage of Dede Qorqud/Korkyt Ata/Dede Korkut, Epic Culture and Music

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The epic culture, folk tales and music of Dede Qorqud/Korkyt Ata/Dede Korkut are based on twelve heroic legends, stories and tales and thirteen traditional musical compositions transmitted through oral expressions, performing arts, cultural codes and musical compositions. Dede Qorqud appears in each story as a legendary, wise character whose words, music and expressions of wisdom relate to traditions of birth, marriage and death. The practice contains profound knowledge about the history and culture of Turkic-speaking communities and is practised and sustained on a wide variety of occasions.

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Place/region: Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Asia, Europe
Series: 2018 inscriptions on the Representative List
Type: Documentary
Published in:
Rights: Alexey Kamensky

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