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Reggae Music of Jamaica

Language: English

Having originated within a cultural space home to marginalised groups, mainly in Western Kingston, the Reggae Music of Jamaica is an amalgam of musical influences, including earlier Jamaican forms as well as Caribbean, North American and Latin strains. Its basic functions as a vehicle for social commentary, a cathartic experience, and a means of praising God remain unchanged, and the music continues to act as a voice for all. Students are taught how to play it from an early age, and festivals and concerts are central to ensuring its viability.

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Original: Video.MP4
Location: EV only
UMAS reference: HQFS-CLT-2018-RL-0139800004
Source ref.: DOC:0139800004;CAND:01398
Rights holder: Jamaica. Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport; Creative Production and Training Centre Ltd.
Additional info: License: Islands Records, a Division of Universal Music Operations Limited

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