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Bobbin Lacemaking in Slovenia

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Language: Slovenian
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Bobbin lacemaking in Slovenia is a handicraft skill of making lace by crossing and twisting thread wound on special wooden sticks known as bobbins. Using locally recognizable patterns with local names, bobbin lacemakers make lace in bands or in finished shapes. The lace is used to adorn clothing and fashion accessories, church and home textiles and representative spaces, and also serves as an inspiration for artistic creations more generally. The practice has notable therapeutic functions and is most frequently passed down from grandmothers to grandchildren.

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Place/region: Slovenia, South East Europe
Series: 2018 inscriptions on the Representative List
Type: Documentary
Production and personalities:
Director: Magda Lapajne, Andrej Hefferle, Nadja Valentincic Furlan, Bojan Dovecer, Andrej Otovcevic, iva Emeric, Tanja Princic, Barcara Zrinek-Mateja Pevec Published in:

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