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Prevention of Violence and Conflict Resolution through Education and Culture

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The majority of current outbreaks of violence and conflict on the African continent arise within States and are less and less the result of clashes between States.

In this new map of violence and conflict, this session showcased how UNESCO, in the context of its global priorities, supports countries in their efforts to provide local stakeholders with the knowledge, skills, behaviors and values that support resilience necessary to live and work together. This session focused on efforts undertaken to face the contemporary challenges including community conflicts, the migrant crisis, and countering religious fundamentalism, among other important issues.

Specifically, the interventions focused on two axes:
· Educate a generation of African youth as agents for peace, stability and development.
· Harness the power of Creativity and Cultural Heritage – in its numerous facets – to build a sustainable peace in the African continent.

Place/region: Various countries, Africa
Type: Documentary
Production and personalities:
Publisher: Pitchaya Films; UNESCO; Biennale of Luanda Sponsor: African Union; Government of Angola
Published in:
Rights: Biennale of Luanda; UNESCO

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