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Ending Gender Bias in Schools. ©Michael AndersonCopyright: ©2020

Ending Gender Bias in Schools

(Audio recording)

Language: English

Tolerance and inclusion are key for ensuring everyone’s equal right to succeed based on quality education. Dr. Eliza Byard, Executive Director of GLSEN, an organization committed to LGBTQ inclusion in education, joins our host, George Papagiannis, to talk about the importance of ending LGBTQ and gender bias in schools. From structures to norms and cultures, Dr. Byard provides us with valuable insight on what needs to change – and how.

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Place/region: UNESCO HQ
Series: Many Voices, One World
Type: Interview
Production and personalities:
Interviewer: George Papagiannis
Interviewee: Eliza Byard
Publisher: UNESCO Bureau of Public Information
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Rights: CC-BY-SA

Original: Audio.MP3
Location: EV only
UMVS reference: SYNAV-2020-02-28-003159-DPI
Rights holder: UNESCO