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Matte: un nouveau visage

Langue : Français

The success of the Matte Centre in Burkina Faso exemplifies the results of a village-based approach to combat poverty through education. The provincial authorities gave one hectare of land to the Matte women for the construction of a learning and resource centre. The women identified their needs, and UNESCO contributed to the training of village trainers in reproductive health, sanitary and nutritional hygiene, participatory and community approach techniques, stimulating and managing income activities, the utilization of learning circles, integrating literacy and post literacy, and the promotion of literacy in Moore, the local language.

UNESCO also assisted the community with the construction of a mill unit, and a production workshop with two separate work areas and one shed, a multi-purpose training room, a primary health centre and straw house, used as a space for childcare and meetings. The Centre is a meeting place for women and girls.

Through an integrated and participatory approach, the Centre has provided training for women, and has increased girls' access to education. Women learn how to use local and traditional medicine to improve health care for their families. A grinding mill was provided to save women walking long distances. A significant feature is that each woman taking part in the non-formal education programme at the Centre, is encouraged to bring three girls, thus accelerating the education of girls in the community.

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Sujets et mots clés
Lieux/région: Burkina Faso, Africa
Type: Documentary
Production et personalités:
Director: Benjamine Doamba
Publisher: UNESCO; Télévision nationale du Burkina
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Droits: UNESCO

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Original: Betacam
Emplacement: F-H.129
Référence UMVS: AUD-DIT/ISS/ARC/0162
Détenteur des droits: UNESCO; Télévision nationale du Burkina