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Subjects: Literacy | Learning
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Language: English

This is a simple story of the members of a peasant family in Sicily, who cannot communicate with their emigrant son, because they are unable to read or write. Their problem is solved once they start attending evening classes at the village school. This film was made during a campaign against illiteracy and was primarily designed for showing in Sicily and South Italy.

After the end of the 2nd world war, the Italian Government undertook an extensive campaign against illiteracy in southern Italy - statistics from the 1930's indicated 40% of illiteracy on Sicily, 46% in Lucania and 48% in Calabria. With the war, the problem became more difficult to solve than ever. UNESCO decided in 1952 to include the Italian National League for the Struggle Against Illiteracy among its Associated Projects in Fundamental Education, and provided information and expertise.

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Topics and Tags
Place/region: Sicily, Italy, Europe
Series: INA-UNESCO collection
Type: Documentary
Production and personalities:
Publisher: UNESCO Mission to Sicily
Coproducer/sponsor: Sicilian Department of Public Instruction; Unione per la Lotta contro l'Analfabetismo
Published in:

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Original: Beta Num
Location: F-S.314
UMVS reference: STV906
File No: AVFONDS-INA-002609.MPEG
Source ref.: Studio folder 161/P46
Studio TV ref.: M.0906
Rights holder: UNESCO
Additional info: M0906-whynotus-techinfo.pdf
Technical details: M0906-whynotus-techinfo.pdf