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Language: Cucapa, Mexico

Language: Cucupa

Cucapa is an endangered language spoken by about 500 people in Mexico and in the USA. The Indians of the Colorado river were first mentioned in 1540 by the Spanish explorer Fernando Atarcon. At least during four hundred years the Cucapa lived in family groups in the area of the Delta of Colorado and the Hardy river, and on the slopes of the Cucapa mountains. They were hunter-gatherers, fishermen and agriculturalists, cultivating maize. In 1605, there were about 22,000 indigenous people in the region of Colorado river; in 1827, one traveller mentioned that some 5,000 Indians lived around the Colorado river, and, in 1990, only about 1000 settlers lived in this region. Today, the Cucapa population lives in Baja California, in El Mayor, in San Poza de Arvizú (to the south of Río San Luis Colorado) and in Arizona, USA.


- Cucapa in UNESCO Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger .

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Place/region: Mexico, United States of America, Latin America, Caribbean
Series: Connecting through culture- Celebrating diversity
Type: Documentary
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Publisher: Discovery Channel
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