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Lamsato hanan- A touch of tenderness (in Arabic)

(Audio recording)

Language: عربى

Despite that Motee fulfilled all Abed's demands, but Abed got bored and he was never satisfied because all he needed was just love and care from his parents not carrying out his demands.

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Place/region: Syria
Type: Performing arts
Production and personalities:
Director/conductor: Sami Mahmoud Taha
Publisher: Birzeit University, Palestine
Coproducer/sponsor: Arab Writers Union, Syria
Published in:
Rights: Birzeit University, Palestine; UNESCO

   LICENSING: for inquiries about licensing, please contact the producer or the author directly. You may also wish to consult our FAQs 6 to 9

Original: Audio.MP3
Location: EV only
UMVS reference: AVFONDS-1316.4
Rights holder: Birzeit University, Palestine