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Getting to Zero: UNESCO HIV Work in Mongolia

Language: Mongolian subtitles Eng

Dedicated to World AIDS Day 2011 in Mongolia, UNESCO Beijing has produced a 25 minutes film on “Getting to ZERO”. Its main objectives are to raise public awareness on HIV and AIDS, to emphasize the importance of everybody's participation in halting the epidemics, to showcase related work of UNESCO and other UN agencies in Mongolia, and to highlight the role of health education in schools on HIV and AIDS

on this subject: Request the 25 minutes version on DVD from UNESCO Beijing

Topics and Tags
Place/region: Mongolia, Asia and the Pacific
Type: Documentary
Extract: 8 min. Total length:
Production and personalities:
Publisher: UNESCO Beijing
Published in:

Original: DVD
Location: F-H.129
UMVS reference: AUD-DIT/ISS/ARC/0978
Rights holder: UNESCO