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Cuerpos para la Vida / Bodies for Life

Idioma: Español subtitles Eng

Procrear, a community centre, provides counseling, peer mentoring and workshops in livelihood skills such as bakery and computing. The main beneficiaries include transvestites, sex workers and street inhabitants. The project also organises street events and performances to bring the local community together

This video is part of the DVD Another way to learn (disponible aquí)

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Lugar/región: Colombia, Latin America, Caribbean
Tipo: Promotional material
Producción y personalidades:
Publisher: UNESCO; Procrear; Liga Sida
Coproducer/sponsor: EU; UNAIDS
Publicado en:
Catálogo biblioteca (UNESDOC): 162231

Original: DVD
Ubicación: F-H.129
Referencia UMVS: AUD-DIT/ISS/ARC/0979-3
Titular de los derechos: UNESCO