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Celebrating 50 Years of Global Geosciences

Language: English

The International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) celebrated its 50th anniversary at an event at UNESCO Headquarters on Monday 21 February 2012

IUGS is one of 30 scientific union Members of ICSU—one of eight Unions who share interests in earth science related topics—and represents an estimated 1 million earth scientists around the world.

Invited participants at the event included: UNESCO Assistant Director General for Natural Sciences Dr Gretchen Kalonji; French Academy of Sciences representative Dr Marie-Lise Chanin; IUGS French National Committee Chair Pierre Mauriaud; and many other heads of international organizations, learned societies and geological surveys.

ICSU's Executive Director, Deliang Chen, congratulated IUGS and remarked that: ‘since its establishment, and its membership of the ICSU family, IUGS has proved to be a vital and responsive champion of discovery and debate in the earth sciences.'

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Place/region: Various countries
Type: Promotional material
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Participant: Gretchen Kalonji, Marie-Lise Chanin, Pierre Mauriaud, Deliang Chen
Publisher: The International Union of Geological Sciences; The American Geological Institute
Coproducer/sponsor: UNESCO
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Rights: IUGS; AGI

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