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South Sudan's Education Challenge - Jeffrey Sachs

Language: English

In July 2011, South Sudan became the world's youngest state. The new country faces immense challenges to its peace, prosperity and human development.

Education has a vital role to play in building a better future, however South Sudan also has some of the world's worst indicators for education.

On 21 June, UNESCO with the Ministry of Education of South Sudan launched the 2011 EFA Global Monitoring Report in Juba.

Jeffrey Sachs, President of the Earth Institute, Columbia University, talks about South Sudan's education challenge

on this subject: South Sudan: from uncertainties to opportunities

Topics and Tags
Place/region: Soudan, United States of America, Africa
Type: Interview
Production and personalities:
Interviewee: Jeffrey Sachs
Coproducer/sponsor: UNESCO Education Sector
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Original: Video.MOV
Location: EV only
UMVS reference: AVFONDS-EDKMS-0173
Rights holder: UNESCO