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Benefits of protecting great apes - Russell Mittermeier

Language: English

Russell Mittermeier, President of Conservation International, Great Apes' Survival Partnership (GRASP) patron, discussed the main threats to great apes and the advantages of protecting them in terms of improving ecosystem services, economic development, etc. during the 2nd meeting of the GRASP Council.

The GRASP Council—coordinated by the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) and UNESCO—held its second meeting at UNESCO Headquarters from 6 to 8 November to define a new strategy to protect these endangered primates, whose numbers have continued to decline.

on this subject: 2nd meeting of the Council of GRASP

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Place/region: UNESCO HQ
Type: Interview
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Interviewee: Russell Mittermeier
Publisher: UNESCO TV
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Rights: UNESCO; Conservation International

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UMVS reference: AVFONDS-SCIKM-0045
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