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Criança Esperança - Projeto Axé, Salvador

Idioma: Português subtitles Eng

The programme Criança Esperança was created in 1987 by Globo TV to raise awareness on children's rights. Since then five thousand projects have benefited over four million children and young people in every corner of Brazil.

Every year, through an innovative public selection process, the UNESCO Brasilia Office selects projects submitted by NGOs. They not only receive financial support, but also programmatic advice from the Office's team, setting in motion a process of knowledge transfer. Many of these initiatives are local responses to minimize problems and to induce the improvement of public policies. Moreover they also reinforce local leaderships

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Lugar/região: Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, Latin America
Tipo: Video report
Produção e personalidades:
Publisher: Globo TV
Coproducer/sponsor: UNESCO Brasilia

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Original: Video.MOV
Localização: EV only
Referência UMVS: AVFONDS-UBOCIP-0085
Detentor dos direitos: Globo TV