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The Changing Face of China

Language: Multilingual
Analogue only: 中文, English, 

The Changing Face of China is the fifth episode of the series Only One Earth. The series explore the relationship between development - the use of environments and resources to maintain or improve living standards and quality of life - and environmental and resource impact. They attempt to consider these questions by relating them to actual events and efforts by people to make actual and sustainable progress. Finally, they aim to raise awareness of issues and gain commitment to action.

Topics and Tags
Place/region: China, Asia and the Pacific
Series: Only One Earth
Type: Documentary
Production and personalities:
Publisher: BBC Enterprises, UK; North-South Production,UK
Producer: Richard Keefe
Coproducer/sponsor: UNESCO MAB; Better World Society; Australian Broadcasting Corporation; RAI; Norway. Ministry of Development Co-operation
Published in:

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Original: BVU
Location: F-S.314
UMVS reference: STVM.214
Studio TV ref.: M.0214
Rights holder: North-South Production, UK