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Ability Housing Association

Language: English

The Ability Housing Association is a British institution created in 1999 with the objective of moving the barriers that prevent disabled people to live independently. The Association tries to provide a house for each person with disability; a house that they can call it home for a house is the basis of an independent life. The Association also provides support and care to people to help them break barriers. Thus, teams of caregivers working with each individual, chatting about their aspirations and goals, and offering support to achieve more independence according to their own choices.

The Ability Housing does not offer collective homes or residential institutions, because, in general, this type of support tends to focus on what people are not capable of doing, and the Association believes that this starts the process of creating a deficiency. The Ability Housing focuses on what people can do, because they often perceive that people who receive support become more independent and need less support as they grow. They develop independent ways of living, and the more they learn, the less they need care and support over time.

David Williams, the Director of the Ability Housing Association, was invited to present at the II International Forum of Inclusion, in Rio de Janeiro in 2013. The JNG Institute was inaugurated on this forum. It intends to offer similar care to the population of Rio de Janeiro. According to David Williams, the strongest emphasis of Brazilian culture is family, so he advises that JNG seeks a suitable model to the realities of Brazilian culture, which is different from the model applied in Great Britain, and also to seek financial support from the State.

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Director: David Williams
Publisher: UNESCO TV Portuguese; Ability Housing Association
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