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Traditional Art and Symbolism of Kelaghayi: making and wearing women’s silk headscarves

Language: English

Kelaghayi making consists of weaving, dyeing and woodblock decoration. Weavers choose thin silk threads to make square-shaped cloths. The colours of the headscarves have symbolic meanings often tied to specific social occasions, such as weddings, mourning ceremonies, daily activities and celebrations. An expression of cultural identity and religious traditions and a symbol of social cohesion, making and wearing headscarves reinforce the role of women and strengthens the cultural unity of Azerbaijani society.

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Topics and Tags
Place/region: Azerbaijan, Asia, Europe
Series: Inscriptions on the Intangible Heritage Lists
Type: Documentary
Production and personalities:
Director: Asif Abramov
Published in:
Rights: Asif Abramov

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Original: DVD
Location: EV only
UMVS reference: AVFONDS-CLTICH-2014-0066900030
Source ref.: DOC:0066900030; CAND:00669
Rights holder: UNESCO ; Asif Abramov