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Pertunjukan Wayang Kulit (Shadow Puppets Performance)

Language: Indonesian

These series of audio-visual learning materials ("Materi ajar pandang-dengar") on Wayang puppet theatre were produced by SENA WANGI (Indonesian National Wayang Secretariat) and PEPADI (Indonesian Puppeteer Union) in cooperation with UNESCO, and funding support from the Government of Japan, in order to revitalize, safeguard and develop Indonesian Wayang puppet theatre.

The project is a follow-up to the proclamation of the Wayang Puppet Theatre of Indonesia as UNESCO Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2003.

The series are composed of 26 VCD ((available here) ). For practical purposes we have divided the content into 6 parts. This is the third part and is dedicated to shadow puppets performance. This part contains the following 12 VCD:

- Wayang Kulit Jawatimuran, 2 VCD (4 discs)

- Wayang Kulit Malangan

- Wayang Kulit Gaya Banjar 2 VCD (4 discs)

- Wayang Kulit Cirebon Laras, 2 discs

- Wayang Kulit Cirebon Laras Pelog, 2 discs

- Wayang Kulit Parwa Bali, 2 discs

- Wayang Golek Cepak Gaya Tegal 2 VCD (3 discs)

Topics and Tags
Place/region: Indonesia, Asia and the Pacific
Series: Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity
Type: Instructional
Extract: 5 min. Total length:
Production and personalities:
Publisher: Indonesian National Wayang Secretariat (SENA WANGI)
Producer: Himalchuli Gurung
Coproducer/sponsor: Indonesian Puppeteer Union (PEPAD); Japan Funds-in-Trust; UNESCO Jakarta
Published in:
Rights: UNESCO Jakarta

   LICENSING: for inquiries about licensing or requests for CD/DVD copies of this material, please contact the producer or the author directly. You may also wish to consult our FAQs 6 to 9

Original: VCD
Location: F-H.129
UMVS reference: AUD-KMI/KSA/1258-69
Rights holder: UNESCO