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Rise of identity politics as a challenge to representative democracy - Journalism Under Fire, panel 1

Language: English

On March 23, the UNESCO Colloquium Journalism under fire: challenges of our time, featured lively debates from leading scholars journalists, and representatives of social media companies and media development organizations to discuss the contemporary challenges to journalism. Topics ranged from the rise of identity politics, to threats to business models, responses to the spread of “fake news”, the role of social media platforms, and the importance of journalism training and media and information literacy.

Moderator: Mr Ivor Gaber, Professor, University of Sussex

Mr Henrikas Iouchkiavitchious, Independent expert, Lithuania
Mr Yascha Mounk, Lecturer on Government, Harvard University, USA
Mr David Levy, Director, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism Oxford University, UK
Mr Philip Howard, Oxford Internet Institute, Oxford University, UK
Mr Paul F. Nemitz, Director, Fundamental Rights and Rule of Law, Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers, European Commission, Austria
Ms Amira Yahyaoui, Founder, Al Bawsala, Tunisia
Mr Kari Huhta, Diplomatic Editor, Helsingin Sanomat, Finland

Q&A session

on this subject: Journalism under fire: challenges of our time

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Place/region: UNESCO HQ
Type: Round table
Production and personalities:
Moderator: Ivor Gaber
Panellist: Henrikas Iouchkiavitchious, Yascha Mounk, David Levy, Philip Howard, Paul F. Nemitz, Amira Yahyaoui
Coproducer/sponsor: UNESCO Communication and Information Sector
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Original: Video.MP4
Location: EV only
UMVS reference: AVFONDS-2017-03-23-020801-CI.p2
Source ref.: CI/INF/201
Rights holder: UNESCO