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The Spring Celebration Hidrellez takes place annually on 6 May, which is recognized as Spring Day or the awakening of nature. To mark the occasion, various ceremonies and rituals connected with nature are performed, guaranteeing the wellbeing of the family and community and protecting livestock and crops. The rituals provide the community with a deep sense of cultural belonging and the viability of the tradition is ensured primarily through the annual performance of the celebration and the organization of related events.

on this subject: Nomination file/Dossier de candidature

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Place/region: North Macedonia, Turkey, Asia, South East Europe
Series: Inscriptions on the Intangible Heritage Lists
Type: Video report
Production and personalities:
Director: S. Tahir, Burak Köse
Publisher: Turkey. Ministry of Culture and Tourism
Published in:
Rights: Turkey. Ministry of Culture and Tourism; UNESCO

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Original: Video.MP4
Location: EV only
UMVS reference: HQFS-CLTICH-2017-RL-0128400003
Source ref.: DOC:0128400003; CAND:01284
Rights holder: Turkey. Ministry of Culture and Tourism