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Lum Medicinal Bathing of Sowa Rigpa: knowledge and practices concerning life, health and illness prevention and treatment among the Tibetan people in China

Language: English
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Lum Medicinal Bathing of Sowa Rigpa is a practice developed by the Tibetan people as part of a life view based on the five elements and a view of health and illness centred on three dynamics (Lung, Tripa and Pekan). In Tibetan, Lum indicates the traditional knowledge and practices of bathing in natural hot springs, herbal water or steam to adjust the balance of the body and mind, ensure health and treat illness. The element plays a key role in improving health conditions and promoting respect for nature.

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Place/region: China, Asia and the Pacific
Series: Inscriptions on the Intangible Heritage Lists
Type: Documentary
Production and personalities:
Publisher: Tibet Autonomous Region. Bureau of Traditional Tibetan Medicine
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Original: DVD
Location: EV only
UMVS reference: HQFS-CLT-2018-RL-0138600007
Source ref.: DOC:0138600007;CAND:01386
Rights holder: Tibet Autonomous Region. Department of Culture