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As-Samer in Jordan

Language: English

As-Samer consists mainly of dancing and singing, most commonly performed during marriage ceremonies. During the performance, the father of the groom instructs attendees to line up and start applauding and singing. One of the dancers then calls for Al-Hashi (a veiled woman), who dances in front of the row until someone holds her back. Afterwards, she resumes her movements and the dancers perform what is called Sahja, with Al-Hashi dancing between the rows. The poetry uttered during the performance expresses feelings of joy, peace and empathy, and attendees of all ages are encouraged to take part.

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Topics and Tags
Place/region: Jordan, Southwest Asia, Middle East
Series: 2018 inscriptions on the Representative List
Type: Documentary
Production and personalities:
Coproducer/sponsor: Jordan. Ministry of Culture
Published in:

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Original: DVD
Location: EV only
UMVS reference: HQFS-CLT-2018-RL-0130100012
Source ref.: DOC:0130100012;CAND:01301
Rights holder: Jordan. Ministry of Culture