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Prevention of Conflicts over Natural Resources

Language: English, subtitles Por

The management of natural resources and the prevention of their overexploitation have been difficult when there is free access to these resources. Free access promotes competition and often leads to a devastation of the common goods. In addition, we see also an exponential increase in the demand for natural resources. This Forum focused on sharing experiences of successful cooperation and case studies of projects and initiatives of UNESCO’s flagship projects that contribute to conflict prevention in the management of domestic and trans boundary natural resources in Africa.

Specifically, the session highlighted UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere Programme and World Heritage Convention and the challenges and opportunities related to the trans boundary cooperation for regional integration. In that regard, the focus lies in reinforcing the synergy between conservation and development. The session provided as well the opportunity of exchanging points of view of keys partners in the political arena (African Union), financial (African Development Bank), research (University of Niamey), site Managers (OIPR, Côte d’Ivoire), UN agencies (Special Envoy Office to the Great Lakes Region) and national partners (Angola).

Topics and Tags
Place/region: Luanda, Angola, Various countries, Africa
Type: Documentary
Production and personalities:
Director: Edouard Joubeaud
Publisher: Pitchaya Films; UNESCO
Coproducer/sponsor: African Union; Government of Angola
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Original: Video.MP4
Location: EV only
UMVS reference: SYNAV-2019-10-14-000327-DPI-HD
Rights holder: UNESCO