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How Do You Map Culture?

Language: English

How do you map culture? Maria Carolina Vasconcelos e Oliveira and her team created a map of cultural value chain in Brazil with the support of UNESCO's International Fund for Cultural Diversity. She explains how she captured Brazil's culture scene in a map and tells us what are the emerging trends in Brazil's creative industries.
Maria Carolina is a researcher at the CEBRAP (Brazilian Center for Analysis and Planning), an interdisciplinary research center specialized in public policy. She is also a trained dancer and circus artist

on this subject: Diversity of cultural expressions

Topics and Tags
Place/region: Brazil, UNESCO HQ
Type: Interview
Production and personalities:
Interviewer: George Papagiannis
Interviewee: Maria Carolina Vasconcelos e Oliveira
Publisher: UNESCO Bureau of Public Information
Published in:
Rights: CC-BY-SA

Original: Video.MP4
Location: EV only
UMVS reference: SYNAV-2020-02-12-001644-DPI-FB
Rights holder: UNESCO