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Everybody's Child

Language: English
Available in:»English»Español

Some aspects of the life and work at various international children's villages, showing the methods adopted in the re-education of children for community life. Life in one of these villages, the Pestalozzi Village at Trogen in Switzerland, is shown through the experiences of a new arrival. At first sullen and selfish, he si gradually won over by wise guidance and affection to a full share in the activities of the community.

Topics and Tags
Place/region: Pestalozzi, Switzerland, Various countries, Europe
Type: Documentary
Production and personalities:
Publisher: Iris Film
Coproducer/sponsor: Swiss Cultural Films
Published in:
Rights: Swiss Cultural Film Ltd; Iris Film

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Original: 16 mm
Location: F-S.314
UMVS reference: BX-10483
File No: SYNAV-DIGIT-F00010-ENG ; F00011-SPA
Source ref.: Studio folder 42
Studio TV ref.: Box 10477, 10483, 10487
Rights holder: Swiss Cultural Films
Additional info: Original à Bois d'Arcy