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Interview of John Taylor concerning how UNESCO battles illiteracy in underprivileged countries

(Audio recording)

Language: English

This interview conducted by Gerald Mandell concerns the nature of illiteracy in underprivileged countries, which is an issue that UNESCO tackles. When asked exactly how UNESCO approaches this problem, Dr. John Taylor stresses that UNESCO has realized its limitations in not having enough resources and also recognized that the primary responsibility of this issue should be of the countries concerned. Moreover, the interview stresses that UNESCO is always present to help those countries help themselves at their own request.

Topics and Tags
Place/region: UNESCO HQ
Type: Interview
Production and personalities:
Interviewer: Gerald Mandell
Interviewee: John Taylor
Publisher: UNESCO Radio
Published in:
Rights: UNESCO

Original: Reel-to-reel audio tape
Location: F-S.314
UMVS reference: STV2432
Studio TV ref.: RAD/2432