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Responsive image© UNESCO/Dominique Roger

No Rights Reserved: a UNESCO feature presentation on Technical Assistance, its purpose and operation

(Audio recording)

Language: English

No Rights Reserved is a UNESCO feature presentation. This presentation outlines how the UNESCO Technical Assistance Program worked and highlights their missions to aid agricultural and educational resource growth in places such as Afghanistan and Iraq. This programme features statements from British Historian, Arnold J. Toynbee; Director of Vocational Training in Nova Scotia Edwin K. Ford; Deputy Director of UNESCO Technical Assistance, Byron S. Hollinshead; British Agricultural Expert, George Reisner; and British Historian, Arnold J. Toynbee. Matters of the programs history, funding, and how subscribed countries participated are discussed. This programme was written and produced in the studios of UNESCO in Paris by Keith Wood.

Topics and Tags
Place/region: Afghanistan, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Asia
Type: Radio programme
Production and personalities:
Participant: Edwin K. Ford, Byron S. Hollinshead
Publisher: UNESCO Radio
Producer: Keith Wood
Published in:

Original: Reel-to-reel audio tape
Location: F-S.314
UMVS reference: STV2462
Source ref.: MCR/852
Studio TV ref.: RAD/2462
Rights holder: UNESCO