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Music Round the World: The Music of Japan, Ryukyu Islands, Formosa and Korea

(Audio recording)

Language: English

This edition of the Music Round the World series showcases a variety of songs, dances, and ceremonies from Japan, Ryukyu, Taiwan (formally known as Formosa), China and Korea. This edition includes the following songs: a song by a Geisha; a song from the Bon Festival sung by a man from Sado Island off of Niigata; a Dodoitsu sung by Geisha; a comic song accompanied by comic dances of the theatre; a farmer?s song from the Ryukyu Islands; a song of solitude from Taiwan, formerly known as Formosa; a children?s song of unknown origin; a tea picking song from South China; and two Korean folk songs: The Song of the Rabbit, and a Korean folk song performed in jazz tempo. The music in the programme forms part of the Columbia Library of Folk and Primitive Music edited by Alan Lomax. The recordings were taken from the collection of Ganjiro Manzu from the Japanese Musical Institute in Tokyo. This series was prepared by the UNESCO Radio Division in Paris. The commentary is by Keith Wood.

Topics and Tags
Place/region: Japan, Ryukyu Islands, Taiwan, China, Republic of Korea, Asia and the Pacific
Type: Performing arts
Production and personalities:
Publisher: UNESCO Radio
Producer: Alan Lomax, Keith Wood
Published in:

Original: Reel-to-reel audio tape
Location: F-S.314
UMVS reference: STV2505
Source ref.: MCR/818
Studio TV ref.: RAD/2505
Rights holder: UNESCO
Additional info: For licensing details see MCF/818