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ECCE Play and Resiliance

Language: English

Children living in poverty will grow into adults living in poverty, propagating the cycle of intergenerational poverty. It is imperative that childhood poverty is addressed, and children living in adverse conditions be provided the capabilities to emerge successful in the face of adversity. Developing resilience to these adverse experiences is a key strategy to buffer a plethora of negative effects. Resilience is the psychological ability of an individual to positively react to negative experiences, and overcome serious hardship, obstacles and adversities to foster positive healthy development. For example, a child growing up with unhealthy family relationships and a lack of supportive bonds can grow up to be an adult with stable relationships who can build a healthy family of their own.
Play is an easy, natural and universal practice that builds resilience. Play comes naturally to all children- and is a seemingly simple and light-hearted phenomenon. We need to combine the power of play as a pathway to building resilience, and provide children with the opportunity to further explore play in their home and school environments.

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Place/region: Various countries, Africa
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Publisher: UNESCO
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