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Middle East University Inaugurate Media Equipment

Language: Multilingual

This video is in Arabic and English

Amman, 16 April 2018 - Today, the European Union (EU), the UNESCO Amman Office and Middle East University (MEU) hosted the official inauguration of the media center’s new equipment at the Faculty of Media at MEU. As part of the EU funded and UNESCO implemented “Support to Media in Jordan” project, several local radios and universities including Yarmouk and Middle East University were provided with new equipment.

on this subject: EU, UNESCO and Middle East University inaugurate media equipment

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Place/region: Jordan, Middle East, Southeast Asia
Type: Video report
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Publisher: UNESCO Amman
Coproducer/sponsor: European Union
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Rights: UNESCO Amman

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UMVS reference: SYNAV-2018-07-08-000437-FUAMN-HD
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