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Prevention and vaccination of the Ticuna community for Covid-19

Idioma: Português

Indigenous Dario from the Ticuna Indigenous Community deals with the prevention and vaccination of COVID-19 from the perspective of intercultural dialogue for the Ticuna people.
Through respect and recognition of indigenous knowledge, techniques and care, the videos also intend to contribute to the combat of stigma and prejudice experienced by these peoples and maintain their physical and socio-cultural integrity.

The process of preparing these COVID-19 prevention videos was carried out according to the methodology of intercultural dialogue and in a participatory manner. It involved seven indigenous ethnic groups present in the Amazon and Roraima (Brazil): Wapichan, Ticuna, Yanomami, Ye'kwana, Ticuna, Yanomami, Ticuna, Macuxi, Taurepang.

Respect for diversity and socio-cultural specificities is essential to combat prejudice and any forms of discrimination and violence. In this sense, the indigenous peoples' representatives that present the illness and healing processes must be considered in developing policies aimed at this population. In the context of the new coronavirus pandemic, these videos intend to collaborate to disseminate information that contributes to a respectful dialogue with each of these peoples, from whom we have a lot to learn.

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Lugar/região: Amazonia, Brazil, Latin America
Tipo: Promotional material
Produção e personalidades:
Publisher: United Nations
Coproducer/sponsor: UN Covid-19 Response and Recovery Fund
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Original: Video.MPEG
Localização: EV only
Referência UMVS: SYNAV-2021-06-29-000122-UBOCIP
Source ref.: UBO/CIP/0135
Detentor dos direitos: United Nations
Info adicional: Source: UNESCO Brasilia