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Il-Ftira: culinary art and culture of flattened sourdough bread in Malta

Language: Maltese, subtitels Eng

Il-Ftira, culinary art and culture of flattened sourdough bread in Malta, is a key part of the cultural heritage of the inhabitants of the Maltese archipelago. Ftira has a thick crust and light internal texture, characterized by large, irregular holes (an open crumb). It is flatter than other Maltese breads and has a hotter baking temperature. The halved loaf is filled with Mediterranean-type ingredients such as olive oil and tomato, tuna, capers and olives. Seasonal variants and inventive twists can also be added

Topics and Tags
Place/region: Malta, Mediterranean Region, Europe
Series: 2020 inscriptions on the Representative List
Type: Documentary
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Rights: UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

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